Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Amber Ray In A Blue Wig, Stretching
title: Amber Ray In A Blue Wig, Stretching
size: 11x15 in.
medium: watercolor, pencil
price: $150.00


Barry Sholder said...

Just came across your blog from a link at Joe Bluem's blog.
I love the watercolors,nice work. I wish there was a live nude gig down here in the south. We have a group but they only have a nude the last of the month, the rest of the time its pretty lame. Anyway I have subscribed and "favorited" you! Sincerely Barry Sholder

Arkady Roytman said...

Thanks Barry. Joe is a great guy with loads of talent. His book "Rejects" is worth picking up.

You should look into Dr. Sketchy's. It was started by a former SoI model and there are a ton of off-shoots throughout the country and the world. See if there's one near you.