Friday, May 30, 2008


title: Standing Female Nude, In Profile and Reverse, Arching Her Back, With Arms Folding Behind
size: 7.75x11 in.
medium: watercolor, pencil (on sketchbook paper)

3 comments: said...

hi there, love this new painting? What size brush do you use and are all of these from life?
Amazing pencil work.
What would the cost of P&P be to the UK?

Joyce Washor said...

Thanks for the info on photo shop. I will try it asap. How do you like your new place? Is it in da Bronx? I'm in the Bronx also. Your figures are so loose. I envy them. Was wondering if you have any favorite instructional watercolor books?

Arkady Roytman said...

Antony, I use a lot of different size brushes but I like the bigger over the smaller ones. My size 16 and 20 Red Sables are work horses. I may need to replace them because they are pretty worn out but they still work wonders for large areas.
All the paintings/drawings are done from live models at the Society of Illustrators and other places in NYC.
Shipping to the UK is $7.00. If you're interested in a piece I hope you take advantage of the promotion I'm running this month and get yourself two for the price of one. Shipping is still $7.00.

Joyce, you're welcome. The new place is in Astoria Queens and it's great. Lots of Northern and Western light.
I don't really have watercolor books I like. I like Richard Reid's books but I've never actually read through any of them. The best way to learn any medium is to use it a lot. You learn what it can and can't do. But you seem to have a pretty good grasp of watercolors.