Saturday, June 16, 2012

06.16.2012 - Five-Year Anniversary!!!

Today is the
Five-Year Anniversary
of Nude of the Day!!!

Female Nude, Standing With Her Arms At Her Sides, Looking Up
title: Female Nude, Standing With Her Arms At Her Sides, Looking Up
size: 12x16 in.
medium: watercolor (on Fredrix watercolor canvas)
price: $300.00

WOW!!! 5 years!!! Isn't that crazy? I didn't think I'd make it to five years. Many times I've thought of quitting this blog, but something kept me going. Last month, when I was in Kansas City for the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, I got to meet a few of you fans. It was both heart-warming and freaky. Thank you all for coming back and viewing my paintings and supporting me along the way.

This is the only piece I've done for the blog that was not painted from life. I composited a few photos I found on the interwebs, and went to town on this fun new surface (Fredrix watercolor canvas) I've been using for my most recent illustration work. This was an experiment for me, hence the use of photos for this painting. I was using a canvas pad, so it presented its own set of challenges. For one, even though it is canvas, it still warped from the application of water. This is why the photo of the painting is a bit off. Once I flatten it out some, I'll post a better scan. I love the watercolor canvas because you can wipe away if you make a mistake. And most of the time you can wipe back to the white of the canvas. This also allows for blending with dry-brush, because the paint doesn't absorb into the canvas as much as it does into paper. I'm still experimenting with this surface, and I'm sure I'll post some more trials in the not too distant future.


Stephen Magsig said...

Congratulations Arkady. The five years have gone by so fast, my five year blog anniversary will be in August. Great work we have enjoyed every one.

Chuck said...

Congrats, Brotherman!! That's such an impressive feat!!