Saturday, December 8, 2012

12.08.2012 - 2000th Nude!

Nude of the Day 2000

2000th Nude!!!

Seated Male Nude, His Left Arm Draped Over His Raised Left Knee
title: Seated Male Nude, His Left Arm Draped Over His Raised Left Knee
size: 18x24 in.
medium: oil (on stretched canvas)
price: $500.00

Wow! I made it to 2000 nudes! That is insane!

I never imagined that I'd keep posting this long. Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish if you just take it one day at a time. I keep forgetting to remind myself that, even though I practice it every day.

This painting is quite old. I painted it in the summer of 2004 when I still lived in Florida. (I apologize for the small/low rez photo. The painting is still in Florida. I'll post an updated photo when I'm back there for holidays at the end of the month)

This was one of the first figures I painted post college and probably one of the first ones I painted from life in oil (Didn't get to do that in art school. Go figure). I love how loose and "confident" the marks were even at such a young age.

Thank you everyone for frequenting the Blog and thank you for your patronage. Hopefully I can keep going for another 1000.

But before I sign off, I have one more announcement to make. I'm teaming up with the uber awesome Alberto Ruiz and his publishing company Xupuy Ediciones to bring you a bigger, better, stronger version of Best of Nude of the Day: Year One! Here's a sneak peak of the front and back covers:

Best of Nude of the Day: Year One
click for larger version

Unlike the old, print-on-demand version of the book, this one will be 8x12 portrait format. It will be 48 pages instead of 40 and it will be hard bound. The images will be larger and there will be more of them. And best of all, the price will remain the same. You'll be able to order it directly from me or from Alberto's shop online. And the books will be on sale at the Labyrinth book store in Toronto, Canada and Pulp's Books in Paris, France! How awesome is that?

I just sent the files off to the printer and we're looking at receiving the books sometime in February/March. I'll keep you updated as soon as I know more and will have them available for pre-order in early 2013! And if everything goes right, I'll be working on Best of Year Two real soon.

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Stephen Magsig said...

Congratulations on 2000 and the new book. Great work my friend!