Thursday, March 11, 2010

03.11.2010 - 1000th Nude!

Nude of the Day 1000

1000th Nude!!!

Martina Seated In Semi-Profile, Looking Left
title: Martina Seated In Semi-Profile, Looking Left
size: 13x19 in.
medium: watercolor
price: $500.00

This is another painting is from the summer of 2007, right around the time I started this Blog. This was also the last time Martina modeled at the Society of Illustrators. This was at the time, and still is, one of my favorite paintings I ever did. It has its flaws, some due to drawing errors and some due to the 20 minute pose restraints, but they don't diminish my affection toward the piece.

Thank you everyone for frequenting the Blog and those select few for your patronage. Here's to a thousand more drawings and paintings.

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