Friday, March 19, 2010


Gal Friday, Seated, Her Arms Resting On Her Legs
title: Gal Friday, Seated, Her Arms Resting On Her Legs
size: 11x15 in.
medium: watercolor
price: $150.00

I'm not sure what happened with the left hand, all those messy blotches were not my doing. Maybe I used another sheet in my sketch pad on top of this sketch before the colors were fully dry.

This was painted at the Tuesday sketch session, and it was not a great night for me. Way too tired from the Daylight Savings time change and lack of sleep, everything seemed to be going poorly. This sketch would not cooperate. It wasn't until the last minute that I put in the details in the face and pulled it all together. And much to my surprise, looking at this sketch a day later, I actually like the face a lot. This goes to show that one should trust the marks one makes without over-thinking them. I got this last bit of advice from Greg Manchess a few weeks ago and he was absolutely right.

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