Friday, December 31, 2010


Good Bye 2010!
(and good riddance)

Female Nude, Seated In Profile And Reverse, Looking Away
title: Female Nude, Seated In Profile And Reverse, Looking Away
size: 11x15 in.
medium: pastel (on compressed cardboard)
price: $200.00

2010 is finally almost over. It was a pretty rough and stressful year for me. It wasn't all horrible and awful, just full of drastic change. A lot of which I was not ready for. I'm always the optimist though so I believe that the hard times were necessary for me to progress. I had fallen into a rut and the drastic measures I undertook this year forced me out of my complacency and continues to do so. The one place I feel I have remained complacent is the figure drawings that I post here. A lot of times, the daily format seems more of a chore. I'm sorry if this sounds like wining. I'm just trying to diagnose the problem before I proceed with the solution.

Often times during this year I thought of ending this blog. At first I toyed with the idea of ending it when I hit 1000 nudes in mid-March. And now days, every time I have a bad drawing day I think of throwing a fit and quiting. But in reality, I don't think I can quit figure drawing. That would just be counter productive. I dug this piece up while unpacking boxes from my move to Portland (it's been 6 months and I'm still unpacking). I did this sketch back in 2007 at the Drawing Studio in Smithtown, NY. I mentioned this a few times before but it always bears repeating. The instructor at the Drawing Studio, Jeff Fisher always pushed me to experiment with different media, colors and approaches. and even the results were often times disastrous, my skills would always improve. So my solution for the year ahead is to throw some different ingredients into my repertoire and see what happens.

2011 is not only the start of a new year but it also starts a new decade. The 2000s were really great to me, despite all the unfortunate events that happened around the world. I became an adult and watched my skills improve with every passing year. I started to become comfortable in my own skin and confident in my abilities. And even though I still feel like I have not found my voice, I know I'm on the right path. I'm very eager to see where I'll end up in the next 10 years.

Thank you everyone who follows this blog. I appreciate all of your support, even if you may not be very vocal in the comments section. (hint. hint.) I hope to repay you in some small way in the coming year/years. But for now, you still have a few days to take advantage of the Holiday Sale.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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