Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Krissy, Seated In Semi-Profile, Leaning Her Head On Her Left Shoulder
title: Female Nude, Seated In Semi-Profile, Her Hands Resting In Her Lap
size: 11x15 in.
medium: watercolor, pencil
price: $200.00

This was the actual a demo I did at Chuck Lukacs' painting class at PNCA this past Friday. Chuck had his students draw the same pose in pencil before I came in so they can follow along with me. I worked in stages, so the kids could keep up. I did a quick pencil drawing, and put down the first wash of English Venetian Red for the skin tone. Took a break to walk around the class to help out the struggling students. Then gathered them back up to show them the next step, cool washes of various blues and some greens that were reflecting from the cloth the model was sitting on. I wanted to do more on this, but walking around the class "helping out" makes you forget how fast time flies.

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