Monday, February 8, 2010


2 for 1 Special!!!*
*See details below.

World Famous Bob, Reclining, Her Head Resting In Her Right Hand
title: World Famous "Bob", Reclining, Her Head Resting In Her Right Hand
size: 10x10 in.
medium: watercolor
price: $200.00

This is weird coincidence; I painted a male nude (semi-nude) on the back of this painting of the World Famous "Bob". Both paintings started off on an 11x15 inch watercolor paper. I cropped in on "Bob" to get rid of the excess white space and to better the overall composition. It worked out in such a way that the painting on the other side was bettered by the crop. So in reality, if you buy this piece, you get one sheet of watercolor paper with a painting on both sides, hence the 2-for-1 Special. There is also an interesting narrative one could add to these two paintings. Tune in tomorrow to find out what it is.

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