Tuesday, February 9, 2010


2 for 1 Special!!!*
*See details below.

Raphael, Removing His White Shirt
title: Raphael, Removing His White Shirt
size: 10x10 in.
medium: watercolor
price: $200.00

If you haven't checked out yesterday's post, the reason for the 2-for-1 Special is that this painting is on the back of the painting of World Famous "Bob" from yesterday. If you buy this painting you get the other one at no extra cost. Yesterday I also mentioned an "interesting narrative one could add to these two paintings". I'll let you decide what the story of these two is (and I expect Dave to come up with a real good one), but keep in mind that there is a woman named "Bob" on one side, and a man undressing on the other.

You know what? Why don't I make this a REAL Special? Come up with a story for these two, and the one I find most entertaining will get these two paintings for FREE!!! Go nuts. Post your stories in the comments. I'll give you to the end of the month to participate. Enter as many times as you like.

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