Friday, October 17, 2014

Best of Nude of the Day: Year One - Awesomesause Edition

Hey Everyone!!!

Way back in 2008, I put out a 40 page 7x7 inch print-on-demand book collecting my favorite works from first year of Nude of the Day. I was pretty proud of the book, but the print-on-demand quality was a little weak and pretty cost prohibitive. Cut to 2012, when I get a call from the uber awesome Alberto Ruiz (on my birthday, no less), asking me if I would like to do a book of my Nudes for his new imprint, Xupuy Ediciones.

Alberto partnered up with The Labyrinth book store in Toronto, Canada, and Pulp's Books, in Paris, France, to produce a bunch of great art books. I was lucky to be included, as well.

This version if the book is BIGGER (9x12 inches), has more pages (48), and is a Hardcover!!!
I was able to include more images, get them to show up closer to the original size, and the colors turned out better than I had hoped!

In early 2013, I came home to a 600lb pallet of books sitting on my doorstep. And that was it. I've been sitting on these babies for over a year-and-a-half, watching them collect dust, and using them to prop up my roommate's tv. Well, after dragging them from apartment to apartment, and now to another state, I finally carved up some time to put these babies online and sell them through my blog.

Each book will come signed by yours truly! :)

I'm also offering a Limited Edition Book with an Original 5x7 inch Watercolor included on the front page for $75.00. This will be an edition of 100 books with an original painting inside them. Signed and numbered. I start posting the original drawings later today, one a day. If you see one you like, order it directly from the post.

Order Yours Today!

Limited Edition - Best of Nude of the Day: Year One - with Original Painting
48 pages - Hardcover
9x12 inches
includes a 5x7 inch original painting
(Free Shipping in the Continental United States!)

Best of Nude of the Day: Year One
48 pages - Hardcover
9x12 inches
(Free Shipping in the Continental United States!)

P.S. If you ordered a softcover edition a few years back and want a copy of this new "awesomesause" edition, email me for a discount. Or better yet, post a photo of yourself with the book on social media and tag me (include a link to the blog), and I will send you the new book for the cost of shipping.

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